Form reCaptcha v2 with post url

So ive been trying to figure out this issue im having. The integrated Recaptcha will not work with post url submissions. So ive been looking into doing it with a custom html code box in the form. But when that happens it sill submits without having to check the box. Any suggestings or post would be great. I will not be able to share this as its for a client.

Hi there and welcome to the community @CascadiaITServices Scott.

When you say post url submission, do you mean you have it sending to a different url? or is the site being hosted off of Webflow?

@QA_Brandon The POST url for forms. Meaning the info is being sent to another website, backend.

Why don’t u use the included reCAPTRA then?

What custom code sequence do u need for that? Unless u r NOT hosting on Webflow or NOT using Zapier to push to a different backend?

Please explain more and/or provide share link?

@QA_Brandon I am hosting with webflow but the forms are being handled by a different system. Also, i cant not use any link to the website as they don’t want me to. The ReCaptcha from inside webflow system does not work with POST url for forms. So I’m trying to find a way to add one for them.

Any idea would be great if we have one.

View this blog post for a different approach.


Thank you for this. That solves my issue completely.