Form randomly stopped working and throws an error 500

Hello everyone,

4 days ago the forms on the website of a friend of mine stopped working. I couldnt find the cause for the error. Also it appears very weird as the last change was 7 days ago and had nothing to do with forms. I really dont know what it can be. (As shown in the screenshot recaptcha is disabled)

  • You can find the form on the “technischer support” site

I am really thankful for any ideas on how to resolve it as I have already spent multiple hours troubleshooting.


Here is my site Read-Only:

same here. no idea what is causing the issue. We did not change a thing.

You should both engage Webflow support for assistance as Webflow makes frequent core changes without any warning or notification. If they did the community would be powerless to assist. I am not aware of any myself.