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[FORM] Problem retrieving data from form

Hi there.

I have a problem receiving correct data from a Webflow form.

I’ve setted up a form with 3 fields: Name, E-mail and a Question text area.
I’ve also setted up my email in the form section of the Dashboard.

When I tested the form from the webflow hosted domain (i.e.: everything worked like a charm… I received to my email all the three fields from the form submission.

Then I exported my website and transferred it on my hosting provider… I didn’t touch the “data-wf-site” from the html code, but if I test the form from my hosting (i.e: I just get to my email only the first two fields (Name and Email) and missing the text area (Question)…

Can anyone help me solving this?

Thank you very much in advance…

bs: sorry for my bad english :blush:

Hi, what is your site url where you have installed the exported form?