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Form POST to specific URL


For a current project, I need to collect the data on a form on Webflow and POST it on another URL.
For example: When a user is going to enter a pseudo on the form on Webflow (ex: charlidamelio), it must redirect to the site like

The last data on the url must be able to be changed according to the requests made on the form.
Do you have any ideas to help me?

Here’s my share link


Can someone please help me?

Hi @nicolaspvt :wave: one approach is to use the Basin forms add-on with your Webflow form. They have a system in place that allows you to redirect based upon what’s submitted in the form, find more info here:

Let me know if that helps!

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@nicolaspvt - could you elaborate on your need a bit further? From the title it sounds like you simply want to post form data to another location, which can be done easily. However, based on your description it sounds like maybe the data needs to be posted to a dynamic url based on some value the user entered in the form?

This can also be done with some jQuery fairly easily, but does require custom code.

Sure! Suppose user will enter “mytesting” on the form field than s/he redirect to
Actually you’re right it’s not just a post, it’s the second option and it’s a dynamic url based on some value the user entered in the form.

Ok, I’ll look on the side here! Do you have a generic example or for a site you’ve already done? Thanks :slight_smile:

@nicolaspvt - does the data from the form actually need to be sent to a different location or are you just looking to redirect the user dynamically based on a value in the form?