Form on post template works only on Chrome

The form at the end of this page doesn’t work on Firefox. I haven’t tried on other browsers.
It shows an error when you try to submit it.

I removed the cookie alert pop-up widget that was causing the problem but it still doesn’t work.

Hi @brainsift, thanks for reaching out. I made a screenshot of my firefox on mac, is the form I have highlighted the missing form?

Could you please let me know what version of firefox you are on currently?

Hi, the form isn’t missing. The form is visible. It just shows an error when you add your email and click the button.

That’s my Firefox version.

Hi @brainsift, thanks for getting back to me, I just made a submission in Firefox, see my results:

Does this look different than what you are seeing? Maybe if you could share a screencast with the browser open and the web console view open in Firefox, and then submit the form, to show what errors come up.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know how to do a screencast. Can you suggest a way? Thanx


Akis Laopodis
CEO of Brainsift

Hi @brainsift, yes, go check out our friends at Download and install and you will be able to create a nice screencast with that.

Thanks in advance!