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Form not showing up after export

I don’t want to start a new thread as it seems i am the only one who is facing this problem at the moment. I created a project on Webflow… made a subscription form. After exporting the code when i opned the page on a local browser i couldnt see the form in the web pages. whole design and css are at their own places but form is not visible.

Anup DHirwan

Hi @dhirwan I created a new thread because some users may run into this in the future.

To better help you out can you post your subdomain link here so I can see why it’s not showing up?

@thesergie thanks for a quick response. Actually i found that mistake was from my part. I didnt PUBLISH my project before extracting the code. I think that was the issue, as you asked for the subdomain, i found that it wasnt published and then after publishing it, the problem got resolved.

Thanks for the response and i apologize for posting the UNTRIED QUERIES…

and my subdomain was

Anup Dhirwan