Form names and ID's change to default


Has anyone ever experienced that the names of forms in Webflow automatically revert back to the default name? So you’ve set it to “x” and after a while, it goes back to “email form”.

I see this happens with multiple websites and this is a major issue for tracking conversions, because if the name of the form changes, the ID does as well.

Is the reason why this happens already known by people, and is there a way to prevent it?


I’ve seen it happen any time the form or page is copied.
I don’t think I’ve seen it happen arbitrarily.

2024 and still got this type of issues each time… do you find a way to fix that?

Still happens, mostly when we use logic flows…

I am experiencing the same problem on a number of my sites.

I am NOT using flows.

Until about a month ago, the name of the form was “Township contact form” but now it is back to “Email form”, and it appears that we are seeing a significant increase in spam submissions…


The form name would not have anything to do with spam submissions.
If you want to reduce those, recaptcha can help, or you can solve it completely using an external form submission handler.

I like Basin a lot for this, and use it for all of my clients.

Yes, we use recaptcha and I just increased the security setting in the Google reCAPTCHA admin settings, so hopefully that will reduce the spam submissions.

The main issue/concern remains, though – that the form name changed so:

  1. the notification emails say it is “Email form” rather than “Township contact form” (which they use to differentiate between request types).
  2. the list of forms submitted are now broken into 2 lists in the site settings.

Would be great if someone from Webflow could address this issue.

I’ve never had a form name change randomly.

Is there a possibility that the page was duplicated and you’re using a new page, or that you’ve moved the form into or out of a component? Those would be my best guesses.

But if you can reproduce the issue, I’d definitely contact Webflow’s support team, they’re not very active in the community forum although they do read a lot here.

My forms continue to reset each time I change them and publish. I did copy pages over/elements over. I’d suggest not to do this in the future… including for myself lol.

@SnapperTail I’d suggest rebuilding the form.

@thomasduthie Thanks for that insight. I can see where duplicating the page and modifying the form on the duplicated page might have adverse effects on the original page’s form, so I’ll avoid doing anything like that going forward.

I also noticed that on the form in question, the “Source” was set to “Logic” even though I’ve never used the Logic feature on this site, so that was also odd. I’ve set it back to “Default form” and renamed the form back to “Township contact form” and things seem to be working correctly again after publishing.

@memetican I did try duplicating the page and modifying, renaming and removing the form on the duplicated page (in hopes of reproducing the issue for Webflow support), but nothing seemed to recreate the form name problem. Maybe it was an issue that was resolved in Webflow recently as well.

Thanks all for your help.

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I’m having issues with this too, so annoying! Our logic flows which include integrations with other systems and email notifications keep breaking because of this. Plus, sometimes forms will change to the previous name of another form like “email form” so then all the email form data gets messed up with other forms, making it very messy and confusing as to which form exactly has been submitted :fearful:

@webflow please fix this asap

I’ve submitted a ticket to them about this but no response