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Form is not working. I already tried reloading and republishing the page

Hi Webflow Team,

I’ve read through all of the posts pertaining to this issue, and none of them seem to resolve my problem. I have a site at in which the email form is not working.

Please help me resolve this. The form submissions are being recorded in the dashboard, but the emails are not being sent. Has something changed about how form submissions work? I even changed the email addresses in the dashboard. Nothing seems to make the forms get emailed like they used to.


It seems like your site has already reached the limit for email notifications (they stop after 6 on the free accounts). You should have gotten an email from us with a subject, “You are no longer receiving form notifications for Email Form”. We only process limited number of email notifications since you’re on the free plan. Hope this clears things up!

Thanks for the fast response! When did this limit go into effect? I never received any such email, and this has put me in a really bad spot with a new client. Maybe this happened after I established the site?

I love Webflow, but this limit should be made much more clear! It should appear on the dashboard in bright red or something!

We’ll definitely make an effort to notify users better! Thanks for letting us know!