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Form Input Select Fields w/multiple values added to sum total value

 Hello everyone, I'm newish to Webflow and I don't have any coding experience. I was wondering what is the best way to go about a problem that I have run into. I'll try to explain my problem the best that I can. 

My goal is to put between 15 to 20 select fields in a form. Each select field will have about 50-100 options. Each option would have multiple values; such as, health#, damage#, critical#, etc...(game related stats). The last part would be to be able to have all the stats added up into those different categories from each different select field. 

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, is it even possible to add multiple values to one option in a select field. And if so, is it possible to add up those values from each option selected from the various select fields.

Any help appreciated thanks.


I’m newish to Webflow and I was wondering if its possible to addon multiple values to a single option in a select field. For example. lets say option one in the select field is an armor piece. Lets say that armor piece has multiple values; such as, health#, block#, resistance#, etc…(game related stats). Any help appreciated thanks.