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FORM Information Preview - Can I make the FORM, so when I click the SUBMIT button, it renders the info on the page or on another page


So basically-

  1. Add info to the FORM
  2. Click SUBMIT Button
  3. Show the Info as a preview

Why I want this?
I do not need to send the info to an email, I just want to have the info on the screen for about 2 minutes.
To protect the info from the FORM to be deleted (from a browser refresh for example), i want it to be shown on my screen somehow, on the home or another page.

Thanks a lot,

Hey @Nikola_Stoykov

If you are comfortable with a bit of code, here is a nice tutorial that uses a serializeArray() function in jQuery to get all the field values and print them out to a div.

Your forms have problems though. It looks like you copy-pasted most of the fields and forgot to change the IDs and names .

These need to be unique for every field. Every form also needs to have a unique ID. Basically every object in HTML needs a unique ID so you may want to address that before giving the code above a try.