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Form headings Bold in emails received?

a customer emailed me today and wants the form headings to be bold when they receive the form email like the image below:

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

@Sabanna would you know?

The headings look bold to me…What heading are you referring to? :wink:

@VladimirVitaliyevich this is not an email they received from my site, it’s from what they originally had, the forms received from the website aren’t bold headers.

Hello, @Quantumgo

I know how the form results can be styled in the php file, which is sending form data to the site owner. But Webflow is using javaScript form (AJAX if I am correct). So I don’t know :confused: unfortunately.

Will try to find some information about it.


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@sabanna thanks! I’ll keep looking as well! :relaxed:

Maybe @Revolution can help here :slight_smile: He is more experienced with forms.

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Sorry… can’t help you.

To do what you want to do… which I do - you export the code to your own domain.

We process all of the emails for our clients on our servers.

Exporting gives you full control over the code.


Webflow only has 4 variables you can access directly from their service.

formData contains alls the data on the form. Not the individual elements… which is what you are looking for.

For example… using old-style tables - you want an html email similar to:




which would produce:

Name: Williams Gates

Since formData comes across as a string

  • trying to display formData… you get

Name: Williams Gates

@Revolution we do export our code and upload it all through GoDaddy. So I would be able to add this on the code through the html docs?

what’s html docs ?

What we do is

Set the Action in the Form Wrapper (done 1 time)

Change the Method to Post (done 1 time)

Export the code from Webflow.

This creates a zip file… which we unzip.

Then we FTP the code to the domain…

and it’s done.

I’m guessing html doc is a web interface to upload files to the server ?

Sorry I’m not quite sure what this means! I’m still kind of a newbie to the web development world…:sweat_smile: Do you have a dumbed down explanation step by step for newbie such as myself? Lol

Hey @Quantumgo you will want to look into setting up a Zapier integration where you pull the form fields into a custom built HTML e-mail :wink:

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@Waldo do they have a step by step on there of how to do this?

You will need some information from godaddy… if they haven’t already sent it to you

You need the host name… this ones easy… it’s generally

so… if your domain name is

the host is

then you need the port… again easy - unless they’ve changed it… the default ftp port is 21

Change login type to “Normal”
User Name will be your account email address or User Name - that GoDaddy setup for you.
Password: Only you know this

In Webflow

Select the Form Wrapper
Change the Action to the name of the script receiving the posted data.

Remembers there’s that strange character you have enter before the file name.

Change the Method to Post.

Export the site

Here’s the exported file

unzip it

go into the unzipped folder - here are the files

Using this free application

login / connect to the server with the ftp app and
drag the contents to your server…

Here’s an explanation of ftp

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As far as the “weird character” i mentioned in the previous message…

refer to this post

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Also. I almost forgot the obvious

You need to create your php script that I used in the example image


This script will reside on the server (you have create and ftp it to the server).

index the html file… where the form is stored
When user selects the Submit button… the form will look at the FORM ACTION
and do what it’s told.

Here’s a clip from a real website I have… this is what the line will look like after you export it.

<form id="wf-form-Contact" name="wf-form-Contact" data-name="Contact" method="post" action="msgsend.php">

Above… the html form will “send / post” the data to “action… which is msgsend.php”…

The PHP script… msgsend.php will receive the posted data and process it.

This is where you sanitize the data. You must sanitize the data. Or you will get a ton of spam.

People will bypass the html form and call the php script directly.

Once sanitized… msgsend.php will use something like phpmailer (free) to actually send the message.

Hopefully the very long response helps you.

If you need more help… feel free to contact me.

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