Form fields aren't clickable


I built a sign in system using a series of interactions that make “panes” appear to allow a user to log in via email. The email login pane contains a form that can’t be interacted with for some reason.

Here is the site:

Click the “Sign Up / Sign In” button then click “Sign in with email” and attempt to interact with the form.

Can someone help me figure out why the form is being unresponsive to clicks? The pane in question is called “Email sign in pane” which is under “White Pane” under “Topbar” all found here in my preview link:


This is one of those cases where your own success is getting in your way. Specifically, your success message is set to alpha zero, but is intercepting the click. Make its init state in the interaction sequence visibility: none and you are home free. I just set it to visibility: none in the Chrome inspector and could click the fields perfectly.

Crazy awesome inspiring site to see in Webflow BTW!

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Thank you so much, vlogic. I am coming down to the line here after over a month of hard work and am grateful for your kind words.

I look forward to posting it on Show & Tell when the time is right.

Thank you,

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