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Form field that searches collection list for match

I am looking for a solution that allows a user to enter an email address in a single form field that on then searches an entire collection list (of emails) for a match. If there is a match, the user is directed to a specific URL. If not, they are redirected to a different URL. My guess would be to use Javascript to run a conditional statement. Has anyone encountered something like this/crafted a solution?

hmmm… the only think I can think of is either using Webflow’s site search or Jetboost’s real-time search.

In both cases, you’ll need a page that shows all the data from a collection.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@PixelGeek Thanks for the response! I have through of a similar solution. The client needs the emails to not be visible to keep things as gated as possible.

Is there a way to query a collection list to find a match? The only other solution I can think of is a search that renders a match but only shows the match (if there is one).

Currently there is no way to do that since Collections can’t be used as a searchable database on it’s own. You need to display the data for the indexing to occur.

You could use an external API/Data store like XANO write some custom code.

@PixelGeek & @webdev I built out this concept using Webflow site search. It is working almost exactly how it needs to other than it is rendering non-exact matches as well as exact matches. I.e. if there is a email address (in the collection list being searched), just typing in “josiah” into search will render a match even though the client does not want this.

Really hoping this is not a road block as everything else about this solution is working perfectly. Do you all have any thoughts?