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Form field entry verification

Hi - is there a way to verify the validity of data entered into a form via Webflow Designer without writing custom code?

In particular, I want to verify that the email address is a legitimate email address, that the password is alphanumeric and at least 8 characters long, that the re-entry of the password matches up with the initial entry and that a registered user is a legitimate user (has signed up via my sign-up form).

If custom code is needed, anybody have any idea where I could buy some standard packages for this?


Custom code IS needed for the types of validation you are after. For the form validation checkout: it is very simple and you can implement it in WF.

User authentication will require a connection to a database and so it is a bit more tricky and definitely not something you can do with WF (I don’t think)

Here is a simple PHP class that can help you authenticate users.

Good luck

Thanks much makloon. I took a look at the jquery code - looks simple enough to implement. The PHP code is handy to have too, as I build out the authentication features of my site. I appreciate your taking the time to forward these links and help out here.