Form error on submission (Sometimes)

Hello, I am having problems with the submission of forms from. Some users are unable to submit the forms and receive an error message. It is only happening to certain users and we cannot specifically define if they have something in common.
How did we find out about this? Because Google tag manages is giving us events from the forms but we don’t receive the same amount. For example, on Sunday, May 28, we received 10 events but only 2 forms. Which means that they wanted to send the form 10 times but it gave them an error. In addition, some clients communicated and let us know that they are having problems.

Has it ever happened to you? Do you know what it could be?

The website is :

Thank you

Depending on how GTM is setup you may be detecting the submit button click rather than a successful submit. Meaning, if you have required fields, you’d get a submit event for an incomplete form that was not actually submitted.

I’d test that to see what’s actually being tracked ( use GTM’s testing tools ).

Then consider adding some clarity to your form design if people are not clear on required fields to minimize that bounceback.

If you’re actually losing submissions, then it’s possible Webflow is identifying some as spam and blocking them. That could be due to entered data, such as URLs in plain text fields, or it could be due to origin IP or something else. Webflow hasn’t shared their approach to spam detection, partly because spammers could then just use it as a map to evade those detection measures.

Personally I punted on this and switched form handling to Basin, because I need great spam detection and the ability to see what it’s identifying as spam. Basin has both.

To elaborate a little further on Michael’s comment above, it may be caused by some issues with one of the spam filters.

I’d recommend turning it off via the Forms tab in your Site settings and seeing if this helps. Here’s a screenshot of the toggle for your reference :raised_hands:

Thank you! I have been given this answer from Webflow support. Apparently it was, I didn’t know they had added this option recently.

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