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Form => E-Mail Subject and E-Mail Text

Is it possible to change the Subject and the E-Mail text which is send when a form is submitted? I need to translate it in german and need to change the subject.


Thanks for the suggestion dillionline! Some others have asked for this as well and I’ll add it to our list.

How are you using the forms? Are you building site for client and want to customize the experience for them?

I´m building a Landingpage with a small contact form. The clients only have to enter the mobile or phone number. The contact form content is send to my employer in germany. So it would be nice to change the email subject and translate the email content.

That´s the site(beta):

Thanks for the extra info! I’ll add this to our list.

I also want to be able to remove the references to “webflow” in the email subjest and email text that gets sent to the recipiant upon successful form submission. I like the form builder and want to be able to keep the form clear of any reference to “webflow”

If this is possible, please let me know.

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@allergale we will be adding this to our Personal and Pro accounts.

Any info on this? Would be a much needed feature to customize mail template. Shouldn’t be that complex, right :wink:

Something like:

  • header logo
  • custom text
  • contact form info
  • footer text

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Hi. Prompt, there is a solution of these questions or not?

Please @thesergie, could you help me?

What can i do to make my form send an e-mail to the same e-mail the person just imputed in one of the previous fields?


@Edson_Pardini are you talking about an auto-responder?

@thesergie Yes, is there any auto-responder feature i could use?

Not at the moment. But it’s in our roadmap. Thanks for the feedback!