Form does not send on MacOS or IPhone


I’m facing a problem with a client project.

To give you a bit of context, my client is running a recruiting agency.
To help her manage the demand, my client has require to have 3 form on his website.
One is a normal contact form, the second is a form dedicated to Compagny and the third is for candidate.

Even more context, I have sequence the form for comagny and candidate in 3 steps
with a quick annimation trick to change the display layout when clicking the button Next (Suivant).

My problem is that everything looks to be working, except that it is not on MacOS or IPhone.
The form dedicated to compagny does not work, as the “send” bouton is not responding BUT the form dedicated to candidat is working.

I have noway to testing more myself as I don’t have any Mac or IPhone.
Do you have any idea of what could cause this issus ?

Here is the only-read link : Webflow - DP Recrutement

You can find this 2 form on pages : Formulaire Employeur and Formulaire Candidat.

Thanks in advance,