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Form Confirmation Email

How do I send my customers to submission receipt of their form on webflow? I get a confirmation and see what they submitted in my email - but I want them to also get a copy of this!
Please help!

  • Michelle

Welcome to the community @Michelle_Pellerin!

You can add email recipients for the forum submissions by going to the Project Settings > Forms then comma-delimiting any additional addresses in the “Send form submissions to:” field:


Do those settings work with a variable for the form senders email?

Is it possible to use the data from the form to send emails? Example: if Vendor A submits a form and Vendor B submits a form can you use variables to have Vendor A only receive their submission info rather than seeing Vendor B’s as well?

I hope this will help you out:

Yea you can do this, but you’ll need to use a glue service like Integromat or Zapier. Instead of a variable, another way would be to create 2 scenarios/zaps and set each of them up with Webhooks. This will give you two urls. Use one for vendor A and the other for vendor B. Add each url to the form action fields (or to some custom code). Now the forms submit to each vendor. From there you can do what you need, send an email or whatever…