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Form: Checkboxes jumping + select type

Hi Folks,

With the help of a multi step script, I’ve managed to get this multi-step form acknowledge if a required input hasn’t been filled in before hitting next to step 2. Couple of things however:

  1. on step 1 when you try click next without selecting any of the checkboxes, they appear to jump/space out! What is causing them to do this?

  2. on any steps that has a select field rather than an input I can’t get it to recognise it’s also a required field with the red warning border. I can see from the inline code the warning is engaged by the below code, but how then can I get this to work for the select class: Form-Select 2

Input fields style for warning the user to fill them

.warning { border-color: red; }

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can anyone offer me any assistance on these issues?