Form Button Not Redirecting To Download.. HELP!


I have made a website for a garage door company, On the catalog download page we have a form that redirects to a drop box link to download the huge catalog file. Yesterday it was working great and today it is not! I tried making a new link from dropbox end, made new form, everything but redo the whole page. I would appreciate any HELP ThANK You!

On the home page you can see a “Download Catalog” link that will have you fill out form and it will send you to the download page at dropbox, i hope it will work in the preview mode… Thanks!

I Figured it out! It was all my fault but just incase anyone is interested,
I applied a recaptcha on one of my forms and it applied it to ALL OF THEM!
I guess webflow only allows recaptcha to be put on all not specific forms…
so be careful, I technically lost a day of leads for this company. Lessoned Learned!

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