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Form box as a message box

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a workaround with using Webflow CMS and form elements to create a message box for each author I’ve created in CMS. Currently all the form submissions comes to one e-mail address. Is there any way I can specify each form result to be sent to a related e-mail address?

Like for now all form submissions comes to

but is there any way to make form on John’s page to be sent and Jack’s form to


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Hi @erbils :smiley:

That is a good question. There are three options you can try:

  1. Add a Disqus widget in your Authors Dynamic Detail page:

  2. Integrate or Add a MailChimp form and setup a notification email:

  3. Integrate your form with Zapier:

Hope this helps :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks for the tips @PixelGeek .

I’ve created a mailchimp list and successfully integrated it.

But, I couldn’t figure out how to add the different form action to each profile.

Now I’ve created a list for John and pasted the code in John’s page form. But because it is a CMS page, so it places John’s form action link to all of the users.

Do I need to create custom pages for each user manually and using dynamic elements inside?


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