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Form block unique id not case sensitive

I’m trying to customize my form to be able submit through infusionsoft, I’ve made a few slight tweaks to make it work with it. I’ve had to embed hidden types of input tags that follows the opening form tag.

I’ve got it almost fully functional until I run into my only issue from getting this to work. And this is the unique id value in webflow that needs to be case sensitive in order for my form to submit properly through infusionsoft.

Since the input “name” (not to be confused with data-name) is suppose to be name=“inf_field_FirstName” the only way to modify that “name” portion in the form is to change the unique id part of the form input settings and when I do modify it, it forces it to be lower case.

Because I can’t change that value to what it’s suppose to be when I submit the form it thinks the user submitted the form without entering any values for name and email.

Here’s a preview of what I’m working on

Hey Dustin, sorry for the late response. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into this.

Hey @dzi11, can you try again now after a page refresh? We just removed any case restrictions for unique IDs, so the case you type in is what will be written to the attribute. Hoping that works for ya! :smiley: