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Form and SEO questions

Hello Webflow & users!

I am having trouble with two things on my website. I’m not “tech savy” at all and so I trust that you guys will be able to steer me in the right direction that’s easy enough to follow!!

I have a form on my website and I need the messages that are submitted by users to send to a friend’s email address. She is not getting these messages though so i’m trying to understand why. Here are my settings for the form to help you see if I have missed something;

I also don’t understand why my Website domain name isn’t coming up on google. The facebook page is, though;

32 PM

I have edited the SEO settings as follows;

52 PM

This link; won’t work for the open graph image. Any suggestions on what to do here?

Thank you in advance!

Please try to keep multiple questions separate, especially if they can be in different categories.

This will also help you receive answers faster.

It takes a while for Google to index your site. Have you submitted your sitemap to Google yet?

Looks fine to me is not a valid IMAGE, it’s a webpage.

You will need the direct link to an IMAGE, like this:

Seems like Webflow receives the form submission.

Check spam folders. Can this email address receive emails directly from your own or other email accounts?

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How do I submit my sitemap to google?

I will check the spam folder and I will also change the email address to another one just to see if that works.

This works perfectly, thank you.

Please Google your question and try something first.