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I have set up my domain using webflow hosting, site is

I noticed that it if I type it on without the WWW i get an error mssage, once I add the WWW its comes up secure. Any thoughts how to make the WWW forced at all times?

Hi @mark806 Welcome to the community! :smiley:

I looked up your domain name and saw that your A-Record is not pointing to Webflow:

Try following these instructions to fix this:

Hope this helps

Thanks for resonding !
I changed the settings and I show it live now, still getting this error on the home page:

403 Forbidden
clients1 Server: ‘clients1’

if i add the WWW it works, but it seems like I can only produce the error on the home page, if I go to a specific page it does not give the error, like this page: works even if i remove the WWW

don’t forget to add your root domain to your domains list in Webflow:

Then set your WWW domain as your default domain by clicking on the home icon on the right

Awesome, I’ll add that, thanks!

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Just to confirm, I also need to set up 2 new A records, correct? and this will overwrite my current A record?

Visit the admin console of your domain registrar (the website you bought your domain from) and create two A Records:
A @
A @
This process will only redirect to Please set as the default domain.

yes. setup 2 new A-Records.

Unless you already have an A-Records with the same name @ . Then you would overwrite that one.

Does this look right to you?

And then in webflow:

looks good and it’s working on my end. Great job :slight_smile:

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Saweet! Thanks again!

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