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Forcing of menu text wrapping


I want to force text wrapping in a dropdown menu to have menu items with to lines. I tried a lot, but the text is stronger than me :wink:

Does anyone have a solution?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Still hoping for some feedback.

How can I force automatic text wrapping in submenu items of dropdown menus?

To set a fix width ist not working here.

@pupinko Having the same issue. Did you every find a solution?

I am also looking for info on this…

Here is one thing to try, to create a style called break-word, and then add a little custom css to the head of your site:

   .break-word {
      word-wrap: break-word;

Then add break-word class to every item that needs to wrap.

I hope this helps!

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no go… I tested this by adding the “dropdown” widget to container on page. I then added the class as you said to the text block that is inside the drop-down toggle. Instead of leaving the dropdown links inside the drop down container I replaced them with a text widget. These dropdowns will then be being used to display text for a FAQ section.

Hi @KProServices, ok thanks, if it would help, I am happy to take a look at the site also : Thanks!

Hey Dave, sounds good. I will get this to you later this evening.

Solution here: How do I force a dropdown accordion to wrap text to another line in the header?

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