Force Webflow to Redraw page



How do you force Webflow to redraw the page.

Hi @Revolution,

Can you go into more detail please?

Also, share your read only link -


I cannot share the link.

I have a situation where a published site where a published site displays correctly.

An exported site… created at the same time does not display correctly.

Copying the css (hosted style sheet url from the hosted site) and pasting it into the exported site

  • then refreshing fixes the issue.

Apparently, the host code is different than the export code.

I know there’s a way to forcibly refresh the screen… I just don’t remember how to do it.

It was referencing the Webflow objects via JS.


anyone remember how to do this ?

How a screen refresh when the window is resized ?

The issue I’m seeing is fixed when the screen is resized.

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