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Force Webflow to NOT adding attributes to <head…

Hello, we have to build microsites / landingpages for a marketing campaign for our client. The deployment is in a way where we only can paste our websites code from within < head > … < /head > and < body > … < /body > to their system.

As soon as I use any effect on a page, Webflow is adding attributes to < html > like < html data-wf-domain=“” data-wf-page=“616806ed574f2e49e22f4111” data-wf-site=“616806ed574f2e44a62f4110” >

But since I can not deploy the code including < html … > but only the stuff within < head > … < /head > and < body > … < /body > the effects do not work anymore.

Any idea how I can avoid to have attributes added to or to have them added somewhere WITHIN the header or body?

Thank you

Webflow interactions are dependent upon Webflow specific attributes. If you can’t include them then you won’t be able to use interactions. Look to a third party library instead like GSAP.