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Force scroll to top on load AND lock menu overlay


I am wondering if anyone knows a solution to the follow issues issues. They don’t pose a huge problem but are something I’d like to improve.

#1 Currently I am using a BG fade that goes from black - white on with a % offset (homepage). I am having an issue when people refresh / return to the page on the section and have skipped the trigger. The page stays on the black, making the text / images look odd.

Is there a way to force the page to return to top on any refresh / load / return so that the bg trigger event is always completed.

#2 The nav menu overlay is scroll-able. Can I lock this off when clicked and then returned on second click.

Thanks for any support!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Did you fix the refresh page to top? If a user scrolls down the page, then clicks refresh, you want to land at the top?

You also had a question about the video embed? What is the problem with adding another div?

Hey Gary,

Yeah I was hoping to fix the refresh at top, any suggestions on how to do this in webflow?

And yeah I wanted to place a div over the current video container (For this shorter / auto play gif version), but I am having trouble getting the div to sit over the top. If I place it within the ‘container’ and set width 100% etc it goes outside of its parent div.


So did you set?

  1. Wrapper: Set to Flex, Relative
  2. Div - Main video: Set to Absolute
  3. Div - Small video: Set to Absolute

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