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Force Components.css styling into Projects CSS and rid of added classes (major hassle)

Three CSS files generate (Normalize, Components, Project CSS file)

Components.css hold so many baseline style settings that should be forced in the Project CSS file (1 clean file). Our dev’s will never use the components.css Webflow file in our system, they expect everything to be batched in the Webflow Project CSS file. This is how Webflow was sold to us!

This has become a major major headache. We’ve had to manually go into every webflow project and make sure we have EVERY LAST styling option manually set (blue) to take the component.css out of the picture. We shouldn’t need to do this.

And then on Code Export Webflow adds many classed .w-this .w-that, that pull from the components.css which makes no sense and muddys up what should be a CLEAN CODE EXPORT. Then we have to remove those classes from the divs, buttons and whatever else.

I consider this a massive BUG. This should be vetted by the business and get approval and a high priority to get pushed into a sprint. When people pay for a clean code export they shouldn’t be bound by extra CSS files, and extra classes not created by them. It should be “clean.”

Hi Bryan, welcome to the forum.

1st of all, I’d like to say that (IMHO) as much as this might be a hassle to you and your team, it is not a bug…

It sounds like you are trying to eat the cake and have it too.

  • You want to build fast and easy, but you don’t want Webflow to create the code behind it :confused:
  • You want to use pre made components, elements and interactions, but not the code they generate behind the scene :confused:

The code Webflow export is quiet clean, but yes, it can always get better and cleaner.

BTW: You can add this in Webflow’s wishlist -

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