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Force collection list item to end of list

Hi there,

How do I force a specific collection list item to the end of the list no matter what FILTER or SORT ORDER I have applied to the collection list?

So let’s say I have an item called “Special event” and want this to ALWAYS show as the last item of the collection list even though I have set FILTER to let’s say “Normal events” and SORT ORDER to “Random”.

Is there a code snippet that overwrites all filter and sort order settings?

I can’t provide a read-only list as it’s only an idea to something I want to achieve.


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You would have to use custom code to append an item to the rendered collection list. So it is doable.

Thanks for your reply.

I thought so :slight_smile:
Can you or someone else help me with the code snippet to achieve this.
I don’t know how to code.