"Forbidden" error

I’ve created to Webflow sites that will be subdomains to our Corp site. Corp IT has done some DNS magic - I can see at whatsmydns.net a CNAME record pointing to proxy-ssl.webflow.com. But I also see that there is an A Record pointing to something that I do not recognize the IP address - assume it is something corporate;it is not Webflow. AND - my Hosting settings show that webflow is “unlinked”

I have paid for and set the CMS to mywebflowsubdomain.my_corporate_domain.com and published the site.

However, when I try to launch the URL from a browser, it get a “403 forbidden” message. If I try to launch the Editor from inside Dashboard, same thing.

The site was originally password protected, but I’ve removed that and I can access the site with no problem from webflow.io - but not mysubdomain.my_corporate_domain.com

My questions:
Do I need an A Record and CNAME record? I am unclear after chatting with Webflow support and reading the docs. Could that A record be causing the problem of not linking?
Is the error message possibly associated with some sort of access control?



Got it working. Typo in CNAME record on our end.
For others, have determined that subdomains do NOT require A Record, only CNAME.