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For what your account plans

Say they do not understand why explain to how account plans choose one option: Free STARTER, LITE or Pro?

What there is free forever? do not know when you host with webflow? Or you can free one host only example webflow.oi. What do you mean free for freelancers with client billing? Which get a free individual for freelance, or freelancer include with client billing.

Say Lite, do not understand “A plan that lets you export your code for use in other environment or build prototypes”? I think that is good individual for a freelance need build prototypes and code export.

Say Pro, do not know which is one active freelance or one web designer want more projects or unlimited projects, any etc. Do not premium features! I like best is active freelance choose one which web designer.

Are you a freelance can need small team? For 2 designers only.

Thank you for helping!