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For anyone looking for custom code help

Hi community,

When I come to this forum, I find help more times than not. However, sometimes I need some custom code help. If anyone ever finds themselves in a similar position, I can’t tell you how good this guy is - responsive, fast, fairly-priced, and knows the Webflow platform. He’s just a smart guy who is really good at helping with custom code.

I know he would come in handy for a lot of people out there, so here’s his link.

I have no skin in this game, just want people to find the help they need like I’ve needed to in the past!


Thanks that is always good.

Does he use clean code?

Hey @WebDev_Brandon,

As far as I know, and I know he is very conscious about creating a solution that is up-to-date, works in all browsers, and is the right way to do it, not just the the quick/dirty/easy.

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Thanks, for the input Michael!

No problem @WebDev_Brandon. As one example, I asked him to help me pass form data from one form to another using URL parameters as that’s the only way I knew. He suggested that we could go that route, but he recommended storing the info in the web session as long as that tab was open and passing it along. This solution may have been unique for my specific situation, but works perfectly, and he didn’t just blast code at me; he took the time to figure out the best way for me.

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Great to know and so close to me in terms of location. I see all his skillsets, but wondering if he works in Webflow? Looking for some development support. Thanks!

Hey @path - Yep, he has plenty of experience with the Webflow platform. He has helped me with lots of custom work inside Webflow, and is knowledgeable on the nuances of developing with the platform in mind. I’ll message you 1-1 to get your email, and I can make an intro if you’d like.