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Footer that appear when scroll


I guess must be easy to do it in Webflow but I don´t know how.
Its a footer that seems to be hidden and appear when scroll. The website is:

Its like a fixed background but withouth background.


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Hey @rafagama54

You can do that quite easily with a bit of fixed positioning :smile:

Here’s a live example:

I’ve created a quick template too which you can clone to see how its done:

Let me know once you’ve cloned it :wink:


Lovely website @rafagama54! Everything is perfectly spaced and designed. Great work!

Hello Evan,

It looks great! especially on ipad

But the more I check it the more I see nothing…How is done?
No section has any setting, just height…

Ok, sorry,

I didn´t see the fixed footer inside the footer. Cloned.

Many thanks

Hey @rafagama54

Sorry I didn’t respond earlier - was moving house yesterday.

Glad you managed to get it all sorted :smile:

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