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Footer sometimes in the middle of the page

Hi! I saw this topic on forum several times, but despite following all the clues, I still have the problem. As you can see in the printscreen, the footer doesn’t stick to the bottom on the page. It only happens at 2 pages with tabs - in normal pages it’s fine. I don’t want to move the footer manually (relative positioning), because my tabs are of a different length, so I would have a lot of white space between the content and footer in short pages. Any advise? Thanks!

Here is my public share link:

Hello, @przemsay

Did you manage to fix the issue or you still need a help?

Unfortunately I haven’t solved it…

Hi @przemsay, try this, remove the 1px max height on the Tab Company class. When removing that style, it seems to snap back to position for me at least.

Let me know if this helps!

Oh, it worked! Thanks!
Unfortunately this problem existed on two subpages (also ‘Materials’). I checked this Max value in every style there and it was all fine, so I don’t know where the problem might come from… Any idea?

Hi @przemsay, thanks, on the materials page, I would change the height of the last section before the footer to Auto:

let me know if that helps!

oh, it probably works, but unfortunately I can’t find this section and classes ;/ could you please send a screenshot of the navigator, so that I can localise it?

Hi @przemsay, sure, here you go, it is on the Materials page:

Try as I may, I cannot find any section on this MATERIALS subpage which is not set to Auto Height… ;/

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