Footer scrolling issue

I’m having an issue with the footer not stopping the page scroll as illustrated in the .gif
It seems to be fine and stays put until you start clicking on the button within the body then you can scroll the footer all the way off the page!

Here is my public share link:

And the live page itself:

(how to access public share link)

its hard to figure out the exact problem. i may have to go through this with more time. maybe over the weekend.

Also, I noticed that you’re not using your dynamic collections. You might want to consider using those to help you organize and design your pages better.

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Thank you for your reply! And thank you for looking this over as well.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on your comment on using dynamic
collections to help organize and design my pages better? I have given much
thought to this however, I do see any way to incorporate dynamic pages to
this type of site design / theme. Would I be on track if I took all the
pages which had the exact same layout and used a dynamic page template
instead of creating another static page? I guess I just haven’t figured it
out yet really…

Thanks again!


still nothing? @PixelGeek


I can’t duplicate this issue in Google Chrome: Version 54.0.2840.99 m. OR Mozilla Firefox Version 49.0.2

I’ve clicked and opened several sections in the scroll over section on the Drawings and Specs page, closed them and it behaves as expected. No over-scroll at all.

Take care,

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Hi @Brian_M_Fromknecht,

Just checking in.

I can’t replicate this issue either, tested your page in latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Which browser did you use at the time?


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I use Chrome. Maybe it’s just me bc no one else has mentioned it. I appreciated all that looked into the problem for me!

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I am having this same issue @nwdsha in chrome, will try safari also

Hey @ngdesign,

Please post your public share link

Make sure all your browsers are up to date.

Finally, keep us updated :+1: