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Footer positioning

Hello again,

on this still now have a conundrum with the footer. At the moment its on the home page (called ftr and hidden), thing is I want it fixed to the bottom but not following the screen when you scroll up and down the screen but at the moment if I do that it covers part of the content div (conthome). Whats weird is I thought by adding some padding to the bottom of the conthome div it will be sorted (as is the case with the top menu) but it seems to be completely ignoring me - doesn’t matter what I put in it doesn’t have any space at the bottom.

What am I doing wrong?

alight, footer placing sort of solved, have another issue with it. If you look at it, it changes the boldness of the text randomly, when you hover over other elements on the site or just wait for a bit. Couldn’t find anything in the styles that would cause that, and the CSS is getting messy with trying to rename all elements so they don’t overlap in styles…

Hi @tatiana, Thanks for your post. A couple of things, first, it seems that you have a hover action on a class in your design, that is scaling the element, and that may be causing the change in font darkness density.

You might try to remove the scale transform and see if the problem still occurs:

If it is still not working, could you let me know and leave the scaling off and I can take another look :smile:

p.s. you can remove and clean your unused styles, using the Style Manager, I would recommend to do this regularly:)


Hello Dave and thanks for your help! The hover action is a desired effect for the product blocks though, it shouldn’t affect other elements no? I will look at the styles cleaning, thats very useful, thanks!

Hi Tatiana,

Well, you have a combination of factors, you have the scaling, and also a transformation set during a hover.

You might get a better result, by creating a hover interaction instead of using the hover state:


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