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Footer not working properly on mobile

Hi all! How are you doing?

So, I’m having a hard time making my website’s footer work on mobile. When I use Toggle Preview it works just fine but when I check on my actual phone it doesn’t.

Landing page: I can’t scroll down and see it and whenever I try everything starts to shake, it’s pretty weird actually.
About me: Working just fine.
Case study: Footer area is there but container’s elements do not display.

Some information: My footer is a block with 0 margins. Inside I have a container (also a block with 0 margins). And I’m using this same settings on every page.

UPDATE: I think I fixed it. But I have no idea how or what was going on!

Here is my public share link so you can see it for yourselves: LINK
Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK

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