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Footer not showing on collection pages

Hi All a bit of an odd one. I have a footer on each page. It’s set as a symbol. It shows on normal pages just not on the collection pages. You can see it if you preview but when it’s published it’s not there.

See links below.



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Hello @jasonjkd

I can see it >

Sorry I should of said when it’s published it’s not showing up.

Yes, you’re right. For some reason the footer is missing from the dynamic pages and also from the code too. Hm…that’s strange

Normal page

Dynamic page

Very strange. Can you delete the footer from the collection page > add it again > publish?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi PiterDimitrov no I have deleted it and re-added it but it’s still not showing when published. but another thing, Not sure if it’s related but the Nav menu is not loading the interaction on the collection pages. see screen shots. the rollover state is with the lines top and bottom and normal should be without. It’s loading on the other page just not the collection pages.



Definitely a strange behavior. The nav hover effect works in the designer preview mode, but on the published site is not working. The footer problem is strange too. @Brando Can you take a look

Hi @jasonjkd @PiterDimitrov

Thanks for letting me know about this! Definitely odd behavior, but I found the culprit. It looks like you have a bit of custom code in an embed that’s missing a closing tag:

Once that closing </iframe> tag is added and the site republished, you should see both the footer as expected. It looks like this will also resolve the issue with the the nav menu hover effect.

Hope this helps! :bowing_man:

yep! That fixed it. You’re a star thank you.

Is the site published? I still don’t see the footer >

sorry I only published it to the live site not the temporary Webflow domain. I have now published it to the Webflow domain so you will be able to see it. Thanks for your help.

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