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Footer Link Block Not Triggering Past Desktop

Hi guys,

I am trying to make the icon in my footer trigger a “back to top” action. I made it part of a link block and linked it to the relevant section on my page, but it only works on desktop somehow - not on tablet / mobile.

Please let me know if you can!

Thank you,


Here is my public share link: LINK
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The preview link isn’t working. :confused:

Sorry not sure why it got turned off. Should work now… Thank you!! Ed

Hi @Ed_Delage it looks like your top bar is set to display: none from Tablet down.

Maybe apply the ID to a different element that is always at the top of your site or set it to a height of 0px with overflow: hidden

It worked thank you! I didn’t realize the “top” section was linked to the “top bar” - thought it was linked to the logo that’s visible on every page. My bad. Thanks so much. Ed

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