Footer formatting problems on CMS collection pages

I am having an issue with the way my footer is displaying on mobile landscape and portrait modes.

The footer has been converted into a symbol and placed on all pages. Formatting is great at all breakpoints on all pages. But on my CMS collection page for this site, once you hit the mobile landscape breakpoint, the text is huge. As said, it is fine on all other pages and when I check the sizes on each element, they are set to the correct size.

I found a topic from a year ago that was never completely resolved, but reported as “must have been a bug.”

Thanks in advance.

Published Link:

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - WM Commercial Roofing)

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Please update your post.

Thank you. Post has been updated.

And - like the old thread on this topic - the problem has resolved itself today. Must have been another bug.

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