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Footer bug and horizontal scrolling

Hi !

I thought the new layout i’ve designed for my friend website would be really simple but i still have some struggles with specific parts.

I wanted a fix section at the bottom that seam to “unfold” when you scroll down, i’ve set this section content to fixed but i don’t know if that is the right way.
The footer is not always entirely visible, i don’t know why. It’s almost like it was not entirely “physical”, I’ve tried to set it to relative state but it’s still not working…

I have another problem with the section called “media”. I wanted to have a horizontally scrollable section, with some elements partly hidden at the right of the window.
I guess the easyest way to do that is to make a container with “hidden : scroll” and to make it the full width of the page, but i would like my content to be align on the left with the left border of the other containter on the page. Any tips on that ?

Thank you !

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