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Fonts Upload Issues

Hi there, I’m having an issues with an uploaded .tff file.

Under Font weight on the font installer page, I seem to only be able to upload and use one font-weight at a time. Is this normal?

I can see the list of all weights which are in the font file however I can only select one to upload at a time. If I then move to the designer I can only see the one font-weight that was selected.


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I was able to reproduce this on my end. If the font family is packaged into one file then once you select one style and upload it, you have no way to upload other styles because the uploader considers the font file as already uploaded.

I found that refreshing the page resets the Upload button allowing you to select the same font from your file browser, and this time you can choose a different style.

I think the reason why they allow only one style per upload instead of all of them at once is to reduce the overall number of fonts installed which can improve performance. But I agree, they need to rethink the UX of the font selector.


Brilliant thank you. I didn’t realize you had to upload it for every font weight. All fixed. Cheers

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