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Fonts change when published

Hey all!

I’ve opened up a website I’m designing for the first time in over a week and realised that the fonts have gone a bit crazy.

The published website seems to have changed some of my fonts to be linked with the shop basket as when I click on it, the basket appears. However all fonts look completely fine on designer.

I’m clearly missing something :confused: Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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HI @SimonaZ

Can you provide your preview link (dashboard - site - settings - ‘share’ near the top) as that way we can take a look ‘under the hood’ to see what’s happening. Also if you could just clarify which fonts are playing up?


Hey Stu,


(it looked like it added it at the footer of my post automatically - guess not haha)

The fonts that are playing up seem to be the fonts that appear first when each page loads. It will be clearer when you open it on Preview.

Thank you!

Hi @SimonaZ

It’s a strange one, but I think this might be connected with some of your @foxy custom code - have you contacted Josh to scan over it?

When you hover over that first hero section on the published site, it is linking to foxy’s view cart - so i’m guessing it’s just a tweak in the code needed. The fact it looks fine in the designer and not in the published link also suggests it’s custom code related.

Hope that helps!

Yeah, I thought so too! Messaged Josh yesterday and he said it wasn’t FoxyCart related :confused: so I’m super confused now!

The owner of the side duplicated the website a few days ago, do you think it could be something to do with that?


All fixed now! It was code related!

Ah phew!

Is it easily-explainable? We can add it to our knowledge banks!

Yes, for SOME STRANGE REASON the end </a> was missing from the ‘basket’ nav link HTML embed. Very odd as it was working for over a month before :joy:

Ah…I wonder if it is related to this update: We’re going hands-off on custom code

Now the only problem left is…I want a log cabin office for the garden :laughing:

@SimonaZ @StuM Glad you got it figured out. :slight_smile:

Oh I see @StuM! Maybe that was it.

Well, now you know where to get one if you ever want one for real :joy:

Thanks, for all of your help!

Hi @StuM, could you please have a look at another issue I’m having? I’m receiving no help at the moment and I posted it a few days ago. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it :):relaxed:

Here’s the link :

Thank you!

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