Fonts and fixed position images

A couple of things I have noticed and wondered about:

  1. If I add google webfonts, sometimes the weights added are still greyed out in the menu. Do I need to move to a paid subscription to unlock all fonts?

  2. I have set the background image of a section to have a fixed position, however it only works in the desktop view. On tablet and phone views it scrolls normally. Have I missed something? You can see it on the link below, it’s the third section with the big pullquote that I’m having trouble with.

Many thanks for all feedback,


  1. No, you shouldn’t. I sounds like something of a bug to me, because I’ve had that occur to me as well (I didn’t care too much of it at the time honestly) but it might be some sort of a problem with the fonts. Maybe Master @cyberdave can clarify more on this!

  2. You haven’t missed something. on iPad and iPhone the fixed backgrounds are deliberately because they happen to behave a bit wonky. It’s a bit of a known issue, especially on Apple mobile devices (can’t speak for Android-based since I’ve never used them) and Webflow has also disabled this feature in total for mobile devices (correct me if I’m wrong).

There is workarounds though, like skrollr.js (

Thanks for your reply, Steven. Is anyone able to clarify regarding the Google font issue? Would be good to know if it is a known bug, and if a fix is possible.

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