Fonts and CSS not showing Properly on Windows OS

Please assist, Fonts not loading plus things are out of place and some CSS

Hi @Starlord, Could you please update the post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link, screenshots whether or not you are using custom fonts or built in fonts, and your environment info like Windows 8.1 and what browser you are using?

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Thanks in advance! Cheers, Dave


Thanks for your response

Here’s the link below

Im using custom fonts (Didot)
Windows 7 firefox

Thanks for your update. Looking at your published site css, it looks like you are loading only the TTF versions of your custom fonts. For maximum browser compatibility, you should also upload the .otf, .woff and .eot versions of your fonts. If you do not have those fonts, you can go to a service like and generate those versions. See our custom font documentation:

I hope this helps, try that, upload the missing font versions, and then save and republish your site.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks for that, but will that fix the layout?

Hi @Starlord, if you mean the problem with the mobile layout, I am still looking at that. This font upload only affects the font issue. Cheers, Dave