Fontawesome not exported code


I’ve exported my code and have the fontawesome files in fonts folder and linked CSS and it is still now showing.


Hi @Luccimia, can you please follow the posting guidelines here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category Thanks in advance! :smile:


Here is the link with the fontaweome icons missing. There should be a down arrow in the cirlce on the landing slide and at the bottom of the page the social media icons are not displaying.

Hi @Luccimia, in my chrome browser on mac, the round more circle icon is showing and the social media icons are also showing for me.

Could you inform, what browser are you using? Have you tried to refresh your browser cache to see if you see anything different? Is there another computer you can try, or an ipad or something ? I would check that first, and let me know and if still an issue, I can take a look further :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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