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Font weights not selectable

I’m attempting to select the “thin” weight of Palatino however it looks disabled in the drop down (normal and bold are the only ones that look enabled and selectable). When I select it the weight stays at “normal”. This doesn’t look like a bug as I have read previous threads around “enabling” all weights of a certain font. Is there a setting I can adjust on my end to make these weights available?

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The amount of enabled font weights depend on the font you are using. PL has only two weights so… yeah, only those two are accessible .

Ok, that makes sense.
Just a quick UX question, why does the tool show options that are not available? Why not just show “norma” and “bold” in the drop down?

Perhaps the same reason this happens in a lot of interfaces - elements are “greyed out” so that you know there are options which are currently unavailable but can be used if necessary after some adjustments in your workflow.

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