Font weights name mapping in Webflows don't reflect common use

The nine possible weights for CSS declared font are usually as follow:

100 - Thin
200 - Extra Light (Ultra Light)
300 - Light
400 - Normal / Regular
500 - Medium
600 - Semi Bold (Demi Bold)
700 - Bold
800 - Extra Bold (Ultra Bold)
900 - Black (Heavy)

Webflow proposes a different mapping:

100 - Ultralight
200 - Light
300 - Thin
400 - Regular
500 - Semibold
600 - Black
700 - Ultrablack
800 - Bold
900 - Ultrabold

Especially Webflow proposes the Black being lighter than the Bold, and considers Thin being bolder than Light.

Is there a reason for this, and could the dev team look into this to eventually harmonize with web usages?

Thanks for listening!

HI I’d like to bump this issue up. I’m working with very font-specific designs and I have hard time to get the proper match between files and what I get into Webflow designer.


I second that! Besides: it is not the first time it is being asked for :wink:

We’re working on this! Thanks for the nudge, guys!