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Font Issue while Exporting

Hi Webflow users.

Currently, I am working on our new homepage, fully build in Webflow. Unfortunately, I am experiencing some issues when exporting the website. When publishing on the webflow servers everything looks fine. Most of the design is based on the light variant of Open Sans. When exporting, the fonts aren’t loading correctly on my own server. They don’t have the actual thickness, what results that my whole design is screwed up in terms of text aligning.

In an older forum post I red something about a piece of code that can be added to solve this, does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?

Published Version:

Exported Version:

Comparing the two version you can see the actual difference.

Thanks in advance,


@sanderk I’ve been starring at your both websites and unfortunately can’t find any difference. Or it is probably my eyes? :smile: However I found this tool to tell you what fonts is you currently seeing. It should tell better than my eyes.


This is a great tool to have @pastiwibawa.

I’m having a similar issue where not all of the @font-face declarations are generated when I export my website. In fact, only the first one gets generated. When I the site is published to webflow all of the fonts are present, but I need to export the site to publish it on our own server.

Turns out my font issue was from having a custom font set at the settings level for the site. Since I work on our sites with a team I wasn’t aware of how other people had set up the site.